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Now the Drinking club with a Running problem !

Contact list for all known Ex baghdad Hashers:-

Below is a link to a list of all contactable hashers.

Tthe one linked is from 12/11/13 and has been updated by John Thomas based upon mailboxes that responded but it only has 48 contacts on it so please check out the Missing Contacts link below.

 The spreadsheet is password protected with a complex password for privacy reasons (contains addresses, phone no's, mail addresses etc), if you need to access the list please please email me at the Contact mail address for the password :-

Contact List


Below is a list of people we have lost contact with, updated on 28/12/2015. There are 166 on the list, many more than we are in contact with. If anyone knows of their whereabouts or contact details please mail them (or get them to) to the usual mail address. There is no password on this one as no details inside.

Missing Contacts