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Contact for general queries etc is currently via email as below:-

or the old mailbox:-


Photo upload details, 2 options :-

DROPBOX :- Large numbers of photos can be uploaded using the  "Dropbox" utility, login is at

Sharing - Dropbox (opens in a new window)

To use DROPBOX, send me an email to the mailbox above and I will send you an invite to connect to the share, enabling you to create an account, NOTE  there is no need to download the dropbox client, so please don't (as its a pain and a network gobbler as it sycs endlessly!) and ignore the reminders as they do stop. When logged into your created account, enter the shared folder "ex-baghdad-hhh", create a folder of suitable title e.g. "Baghdad 1986 - PatDownes", then drag and drop your photos into this folder which starts an upload to the shared folder, wait for it to finish. Thats it, as I will do the rest. More info on using this utility is here DROPBOX Getting Started Guide (a .pdf file).

 I can then add these photos to the slideshows using the WOW Slider utility. More info for this (for those interested ) is at WOW Slider : jQuery Image Slider & Gallery (opens in a new window)


If you do not want to use the Dropbox utility then send them to me via the above mailbox but please do not use the word "Hash" in the mails or attachments (if possible) as most of the anti-virus apps see it as a "phishing" risk and block them.







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I have had people request a photo of me from the Baghdad days as they don't remember me, so from 1986 :-



Was in Baghdad from 1985 to 1990 until ICL/Fujitsu sent me to the superior posting of Nigeria for another 5 years of fun!

 Older, unfit, greyer, 70th birthday down-down version in 2018 here pat downes Dusseldorf